Asangba Reginald Taluah




Upper East, Ghana
Dagbon, Ghana
Ashanti, Ghana

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Literary Linguistics
Oral Literature
Comparative Literature
English Education
Cognitive Linguistics
Translation Studies
Field Research


English - Excellent
German - Good
French - Fair
Hausa - Good
Kasem - Excellent
Farefare - Very Good
Dagbani - Good
Twi - Good


Attended conferences / seminars
Oct. 4th - Oct. 5th 2018. The Body as a Toolbox: The Grammaticalization of Body Parts in Tool Functions - University of Cologne, Germany.
Paper presented: " Linguistic Embodiments of Body Parts in Kasem. "

Aug. 30th - Sept. 1st 2018. CALL 2018, 48th Colloquium on African Languages ​​and Linguistics. - University of Leiden, Netherlands.
Paper presented: " The Dagbamba Panegyric: A Literary Linguistic Overview ."

July. 18th 2018. Institute of African Studies and Egyptology Colloquium - University of Cologne, Germany.
Paper presented: "Rethinking Ritual: Decoding Dagbamba Dress Codes."

Oct. 31st - Nov. 2nd 2017. Mabia: Outdooring and Adoring a West African Linguistic Group - University of Vienna, Austria.
Paper presented: "A Literary Analysis of the Kasena Dirge: Its Nature and Form."

Sept. 30th - Oct. 1st 2017. Taboo in Language and Discourse. A Seminar - Spa, Belgium
Paper presented: "Taboo in Language and Discourse: The Case of Kasem."

Aug. 28th - Aug. 30th 2017. CALL 2017, 47th Colloquium on African Languages ​​and Linguistics. - University of Leiden, Netherlands.
Paper presented: "The Linguistic Relevance and Challenges of the Creative Arts: The Case of Ghana."

May 30th - June 1st 2016. 1st Scientific and Research Conference - University of Education, Winneba, CAGRIC. Ghana.
Paper presented: "English or No English: Who Cares?"

June 20th - June 21st 2015. 18th Great Writing International Conference - London Imperial College, United Kingdom.
Paper presented: "Exploring the Perspectives of the Creative Mind: The Innate versus the Acquired."

June 12th - June 13th 2015. 1st National Conference / Seminar on Academic Writing / Communication Skills Program. Doing more than getting rid of: Re-thinking Academic Writing / Communication Skills Programs in Ghanaian Higher Education.

February 3rd - Feb. 5th 2015. 1st International Conference on Language, Literature and Communication - LALICOM. Winneba, Ghana.
Paper presented: "The Teaching and Learning of the English Language in Ghana: Problems and Implications."

October 3rd - Oct. 5th 2014. 7th International Youth Forum: Right to Dialogue - "Europe / Not Europe: Knowledge, Identity, Dialogue" (Debates, Cultural and Artistic Events, Friendship). Trieste, Italy.
Paper Presented: "The Haunting Images of the West in Ghanaian Creative Arts: Tradition versus Innovation."

Sept. 17th - Sept. 19th 2014 Kofi Awoonor and the Challenge of History International Symposium. University of Ghana - Legon, Accra, Ghana.
Paper presented: "Kofi Awoonor: The Man and Teacher"

March 18th - March 23rd 2014. 10th International Castello Di Duino Literary Conference. "I / You (Dialogue / Love / Friendship / Hate / Every type of otherness: Human and Environment)". Trieste, Italy.
Poem presented: "Mother " and other poems and interviews about being a poet and the state of Ghanaian poetry

July, 29th - August, 1st 2012. 5th Linguistics of Ghana Annual Conference - 5th LAG Conference. Winneba, Ghana.
Paper presented: "Communicating in the 21st Century: A Linguistic Analysis of Inscriptions on Vehicles".

July, 3rd -July 18th 2008. Pan African Literary Forum (Inaugural) - A Literary Study Abroad Program. A Program with an Edge. Accra, Ghana.
Performed some of my poems and a discussion on "The Oral Performance and the Written Word"

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