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communities "affected" by environmental protection areas, development projects; rural areas;

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Socio-Ecology; Socio-economic studies; Livelihood studies; Place-based approaches; Human-environment relations; Actor-oriented investigation


facilitation / dialogue of local knowledge and perspectives


I am interested in understanding how the socio-space is organized. This involves observing human-environment relations through study of local livelihoods, contextualizing its particularities and identifying its drivers of change. Such issues embrace the complexities of everyday life, linking micro and macro-contextual levels. They encompass issues related to how assets are used in the making of livelihoods as well as in the symbolic reproduction. It is also concerned with the influence of formal and informal institutions to the regulation of these uses.

For example, I have investigated on fringe communities and management of Conservation Areas in the Cardoso Island State Park/SP and the Serra da Capivara National Park/PI, both in Brazil; as well as in the Ankasa National Park in Ghana. From 2009 until 2013 my focus turned to Mozambique, working in two remote rural communities. Besides the study of livelihoods I facilitated two farmer groups for knowledge exchange and cooperative action. From this project I am at the last steps of completing a PhD. Under similar framework I also contributed for setting up a project in Tanzania.

The methods I apply are actor-oriented, with strong field research components and tools for participatory assessment and reflection. More recently I have applied a similar methodology for a socioeconomic study on impact-assessment of a project within the Tijuca National Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Following this experience I am further contributing to the Master Ambiental consultancy group in Brazil in a variety of projects.

Either on a field-based or on a more institutional level, I am interested in working in meaningful projects that consider human-environment relations, and aspects of sustainability. For me (and my husband) "where" is not the most important factor, but rather, "how" and "with whom".

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