Babette Josiane Abanda Guimbang



Deutschland, Cameroon


Ngaoundere, Yaounde (Cameroon), Tübingen, Würzburg (Germany),Tanzania, Kenya,

Interessiert an …

Science, Parasites, New collaboration, culture, language, Classical music,


Molecular biology, Microscopy, Field work, In_vitro culture,


Research Experience
Field work to look for genetic Traits of Resistance and Susceptibility in Central African Cattle to Pathogens of Veterinary Importance and Techniques to Study the Evolution and Biodiversity of local Taurine and Zebu Breeds.

Teaching experience
Disease vector and parasite in Africa (University of Tübingen)

Conferences and Festival presentations

Feb 2014: DFG_Conference of African-German Cooperation Projects on Infectious Diseases, Tanzania

June 2015: DFG_Conference of African-German Cooperation Projects on Infectious Diseases, Würzburg. Topic: Epidemiological Studies on Human and Bovine Onchocerca-Crosstransmission in Cameroon.

Afrika-Festival Tübingen 2015
Afrika-Festival Tübingen 2014

July 2015 Workshop "Molecular parasitology An intercultural workshop of modern tools for parasite and vector identification"

Scientific affiliations
Since 2008: Programme Onchocercose field station of the University of Tübingen i Cameroon
Since 2008: IRAD ( Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD)
Intercultural experience, Teaching,

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