Alumni Network Subsahara Africa (ANSA e.V.) – English Information

Association & Members

The Alumni Network Sub-Saharan Africa (ANSA e.V.) considers itself to be a bridge-builder between African and German stakeholders. Our aim is to further inter- and trans-cultural exchange between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Meanwhile, we also work to strengthen the exchange across disciplines – e.g. between the humanities and natural sciences.

Membership is open to everyone who was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or PROMOS to study, research or complete an internship in a country of Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as current or former DAAD-scholarship holders from Sub-Saharan countries. Other individuals can be granted membership in justified cases. We are happy to answer any queries about membership at: post [at]


A central activity of the Association is to enable knowledge transfer through thematic conferences. The latest conferences focused on „Urban Lifestyles“ (Lingen), „Africa.Power.Media“ (Leipzig), „Sustainability“ (Frankfurt) and „Mobility and Migration“ (Bremen).

The conferences – organized by different members each year – offer the possibility to discuss the specific topics with external experts, as well as to present own research and projects, including those independent from the conference topic.

In a casual atmosphere, during activities as city tours and team cooking, participants can get to know each other on a personal level too.

Participants also get acquainted with the variety of Germany’s regions as the conferences are held at alternating locations all over the country.

The annual conferences are also open to non-members. DAAD alumni and scholarship holders may receive a travelling allowance from DAAD.

Member Meetings & Activities

In addition to the conferences, ANSA organises yearly strategy and work meetings that are only open for members. Here members can benefit from each other’s practical knowledge in Skills Workshops. These meetings are also the time to work on the various ANSA projects.

The strategy meetings were the starting point for the ANSA Insights magazine. The magazine’s focus lies with the activities and research of members, covering many different countries and disciplines. Research and projects are presented short and comprehensible for people from other disciplines as well.

The idea for an ANSA photo exhibition that is now travelling through Germany also emerged from a working meeting.

Expert Database

ANSA will make the network’s expertise more accessible with a newly launched database. The search function can be used to find contacts in specific countries and topics. ANSA members are already available on demand now – i.e. for future DAAD scholarship holders who want to find out more about their host country in advance.

History & Funding

The first network activities were initiated by DAAD in 2009. Official founding of the association took place in November 2011. The association continues working closely with the DAAD. ANSA applies for funding from DAAD for larger projects such as conferences. All further activities are financed through membership fees, currently 9€ per member per year. As a charitable non-profit organization, donations to ANSA e.V. are tax deductible.


Questions regarding the association, membership, conferences, Insights or other projects can be sent to:
post [at]