ANSA Insights 1.2017

Themen: Gießen 2016, Kreolsprachen, Korrekturlesen in Südafrika, Re-Africanization, Doktoranden für Afrika, Neues vom DAAD und Essen mit der Hand.

Read about our Gießen conference on African-European relations and the arts’ influence on them.

Learn about our members’ research and projects, be it about dung beetles, philosophy or academic publishing.

Take a Ghanaian and a German “Perspektive” on eating with your hands.

Get the latest news from DAAD and dive into the question if Africa needs more PhD students.

And read how a (European) linguist can reevaluate her own beliefs while being in the (non-European) field.

Read ANSA Insights 1.2017.

Texte beigesteuert haben diesmal u.a. Annika, Bednicho, Friederike und natürlich die ANSA Insights Redaktion rund um Andreas, Carla, Lea und Simone.

And, just as our conferences, the ANSA Insights are bilingually mixed, so don’t be scared if your German skills are not yet perfect.