Racing Time – An ANSA Poem

This year, we are celebrating the ten year anniversary of ANSA. To celebrate and commemorate this event, Asangba Reginald Taluah has written the poem “Racing Time”, which you can enjoy reading here.

Once upon a decade
A craving call for a union
Was hatched under the cold warmth
Of fertile grounds in Deutschland
Nursed by the DAAD
And the benevolence and mandates
Of unrelenting hands

The determined bird shall soar
On the hands of the winds
Like a floating cloud
And the sky shall be its limits

A hub of connections
Of research generation and exchange
A melting pot of thoughts
Of ideas and plans
Ignited to race time

A people poised at harvesting dreams
Encapsulated in visions and aspirations
Of budding academic giants
With eyes transfixed on an African course

To stand for a course is one thing
And to follow a course is another
ANSA stands tall in both
Stretches its arms wide
Carves bonds of togetherness

Hail the hands that keep the flames ablaze
The sparkles of success
Shall surely rival the stars
The torches of success
Shall be lit and lifted high
From the pinnacles of the pyramids
To the brows of Kilimanjaro
And the depths of the Nile
Hopes of a brighter tomorrow
Shall be enkindled in every heart

Seasons have come and gone
And others yet to unfold
At times of reckoning
When minds assemble
In scientific tangos
Wearing smiles and hanging laughters
The strings that hold our course
Shall be lifted up to greater heights

And with time to come
What minds have mined and kept
Beyond all encumbrances
Lips shall proclaim
The impacts of ANSA