“Happy People” – ANSA’s new Photo Exhibition

Ein Beitrag von Babette Guimbang Abanda & Johanna Schreiber

“Noteworthy (Merk+Würdig)” was the title of the first ANSA photo exhibition in 2015. It was a success because members showcased their wealth of experience gained from both Africa and Germany. The exhibition travelled around German Universities and feedback has always been positive.

From the idea to the official opening in Halle

In the following years, ANSA members felt like sharing new experiences by opening their hearts, even risking being seen as too sensitive. It took a while, but in October 2018, the first public display of our second exhibition took place in Halle (Saale) during the annual ANSA Conference.

The spirit of the photo exhibition “Happy People” came from the fact that everyone could be happy regardless of what life offers at any giving point in time knowing that the secret to happiness lies in our ability to value what we have in the present time.

Life is beautiful

It is certainly easy to blame others for our unhappy life, to denote negative thoughts when people look at us without a word in the street.  When people shout at us because they had a bad day or are angry because of a punctual event. In those situations, what keeps us calm and peaceful? It is easy to swing in the mood and set everything to fire, which is not necessary!  Life is so awesome and beautiful, especially with marvelous friends. There is always a reason to laugh and be thankful. Value your friends and the time they spend with you. Value nature and its gifts, enjoy sharing your skills with people in need.  Seeing things this way, many people live a happy life.

Photo Exhibition 3

For our exhibition, being the best photographer was not a must. However, being able to cease a moment deep enough to bring a smile or a sense of freedom was the rule. All exhibited photographs had a particular side, a singular spirit and every person saw a very singular story on the photograph he had never seen.  It was certainly interesting to see how different stories could converge to a single picture.

Happy together, Happy with little!

Pictures were taken in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mali, Germany, La Réunion, South Africa, Malawi, Namibia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Egypt, Ghana and Tunisia.

Photo Exhibition 2

To mark the event and further encourage individual efforts, three of the most popular photographs were awarded. Prizes included a mug, a booklet and a 2019 Calendar. All prizes were designed using the exhibited photographs. The first prize went to “Summer in the City”, in Durban, South Africa, a picture taken by Matthias Witte in 2011. The second prize went to “Snow Angel” in the Allgäu, Germany, taken by Babette Abanda in 2013 while the third prize went to “Ghana’s Next Topmodels’ in Axim, Ghana, taken by Ann-Christin Hayk in 2017.

When you will happen to see our exhibition, remember, nothing is in the beauty of the picture but in the spirit and the emotion it creates in you.