Environmental Racism – A modern phenomenon or an old trend?

The term Environmental Racism may be recent to some, but the definition expresses a growing socio-economic problem in the climate change crisis. The definition has been the subject of various articles because of the difference in underlying philosophies. According to an approach of the United States: ‘‘Environmental racism refers to the way in which minority […]

What Role Can Literature Play in the Anthropocene Age?

Photo: Military conflict and environmental havoc in the Niger Delta; photo credit: Ships & Ports Ltd., 2017, www.shipsandports.com.ng.

Mitgliederforschung Interdisciplinary endeavours under the umbrella term ecocriticism have in the three most recent decades begun to focus on the ways in which cultural and literary texts represent nature. Why has this been missing? Though the catastrophic imprint of human actions on the environment – pollution, ocean acidification or natural resource depletion – is being […]