An innovative approach for using ICTs in agriculture

Teilnehmer-Beitrag zur ANSA-Konferenz 2017 von Freddy Noma 

NCorp Research & Development (NCorp R&D) startup has developed an innovative approach that relies on two complementary methods: i) the involvement of Farmers Associations as the e-farming platform Advisory Unit; ii) the joint effects of three systems: e-credit, e-production management and e-market, which are components of the platform. For instance, to a single farmer, services aforementioned will be provided through his association Advisory Unit. This allows covering each speculations entire value chain and to provide specific and accurate advice and information to users.

Besides supporting access to credit, farming and marketing decisions, the platform is a learning technology designed to enhance rural communities’ livelihoods by focusing on agriculture. Accordingly, the ANSA Conference 2017 theme was the appropriate audience to expect relevant feedback regarding “lifelong learning tools and processes in real life settings”.

The audience was very interested in my presentation; many questions and propositions have been made, contacts have been exchanged. After the conference, I have received a lot of useful information about startups’ funding opportunities, management coaching, etc. As a matter of fact, NCorp R&D team now is preparing to apply for Social Impact Lab application call.

Portrait_Freddy_NomaFreddy Noma was born in Benin. He studied Rural Economy and Sociology at the Université de Parakou in Benin and got his Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development at the University of Gießen, Germany. Currently he lives in Gießen and works as a freelance consultant and is CEO of NCorp R&D. He has joined the ANSA family in 2017.